Nano-Pulse Stimulation™ Treatment for Primary Stage I and II Canine Oral Melanoma

About the Nano-Pulse Stimulation™ Study

Pulse Biosciences, in collaboration with VCA Inc., is pleased to announce a study for the treatment of Stage I and II canine oral melanoma with Nano-Pulse Stimulation (NPS) technology. 

NPS is a non-thermal, drug-free tissue treatment technology that is currently in development for various applications. NPS technology stimulates unique behaviors in cells by applying ultra-short nanosecond (billionth of a second) electrical pulses to disrupt the cell’s membrane and internal structures.

In pre-clinical studies, NPS technology has been shown to induce immunogenic cell death (ICD), a process in which the damaged and dying cancer cells release cancer specific antigens to boost the immune response to fight the cancer. Based on these pre-clinical studies, we believe NPS technology has the potential to offer a novel tumor treatment therapy.

NPS treatment has been used in both human and canine clinical trials and is considered an investigational use therapy. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the safety and efficacy of NPS technology in the treatment of canine oral melanoma. Additionally, the study will evaluate the role of NPS technology to stimulate your pet’s immune system against the treated tumor.

Study Funding

Eligible patients will receive at no cost, a comprehensive exam including tests to evaluate various local and systemic immunomarkers including follow-up visits, radiographs and study related laboratory testing.

Study Eligibility

• Dogs >2 years old and weighing >5 kgs at screening
• Expected survival time >6 months
• Primary tumor must be no greater than 4 cm in longest diameter
• Dogs must not have received prior treatment of radiation, chemotherapy or the melanoma vaccine
• Dogs must not have a history of auto-immune disease
• Please consult with your Veterinarian for additional eligibility information

Study Details

For additional study details and contacts, follow the link below to the AVMA.
NPS Treatment for Primary Stage I and II Canine Oral Melanoma

Participating VCA Hospital Sites    


VCA Animal Diagnostic Clinic

Dr. Zachary Wright, DVM, DACVIM/Oncology
Dr. Erin Roof-Wages, DVM, DACVIM/Oncology
4444 Trinity Mills Road, Suite 202
Dallas, TX 75287


VCA Veterinary Care Animal Hospital and Referral Center

Dr. Barbara Kitchell, DVM, DACVIM/Oncology
Dr. Diane Schrempp, DVM, DACVIM/Oncology
9901 Montgomery Blvd.
Albuquerque, NM 87111


VCA Sacramento Veterinary Referral Center

Dr. Danielle O’Brien, DVM, DACVIM/Oncology, cVMA
9801 Old Winery Place
Sacramento, CA 95827


VCA PetCare East Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Kelly Carlsten, DVM, MS, DACVIM/Oncology
2425 Mendocino Ave.
Santa Rosa, CA 95403


VCA West Los Angeles Veterinary Animal Hospital

Dr. John Chretin DV, DACVIM/Oncology
Dr. Trina Hazzah, DVM, DACVIM/Oncology, CVCH
1900 S. Sepulveda Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025


Disclaimer: Nano-Pulse Stimulation™ (NPS™) is an investigational use therapy.