Nano-Pulse Stimulation™ Technology

Nano-Pulse Stimulation (NPS™) is a proprietary technology that delivers nano-second pulses of high-amplitude electrical energy to non-thermally clear cells while sparing adjacent non-cellular tissue. These ultrafast electrical energy pulses have pulse durations from billionths up to a millionth of a second. When applied to tissue, our NPS energy pulses enter cells and alter the function of the internal cellular organelles, including the mitochondria and endoplasmic reticulum, without disrupting extracellular tissue, leading to regulated cell death (RCD).  RCD is a process exhibited by cells in the human body when they undergo stress and are unable to restore cellular homeostasis.

The CellFX™ System is our first planned commercial product to harness the distinctive advantages of NPS technology. With the CellFX System, the unique non-toxic and non-thermal mechanism of action is a biophysical disruption brought about by the tunable speed and amplitude of our NPS pulses interacting with the physical structure of cells. While our CellFX System delivers pulses that directly affect the internal organelles of cells, these pulses have no functional effect on non-cellular tissue, such as collagen, a proteinaceous tissue that forms the structural foundation of the skin. In short, we can deliver a unique cell-focused effect to the internal structures of treated cells while preserving surrounding non-cellular tissue, a combination that may potentially lead to highly differentiated treatment applications.


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