Nano-Pulse Stimulation™ Technology

NPS technology is a non-thermal, drug-free energy-based platform that can stimulate unique behaviors in cells by applying ultra-short nanosecond (billionth of a second) electrical pulses to affect the cell membrane and intracellular structures.

NPS™ technology utilizes a timed series of low energy, high voltage nanosecond pulses which are applied directly to targeted tissue using tiny microneedles. NPS energy induces cell signaling and the activation of cellular pathways by creating transient nanopores in cellular membranes and organelles. Once created, these temporary nanopores allow ions, such as calcium (Ca2+), potassium (K+), and sodium (Na+), to pass through these membranes, and in turn disrupt cellular structures, their functions and initiate regulated cell death.

Transient nanopores allow ions to pass through membrane

In human studies, NPS cell function disruption has been shown to eliminate targeted tissue cells followed by a mild inflammatory response, leading to a favorable healing process and the replacement of treated tissue cells with healthy tissue cells.

The NPS procedure has demonstrated an excellent safety profile in human clinical studies treating benign (non-cancerous) lesions with no adverse events reported. These treatments have been in healthy skin and benign skin lesions in dermatology.

In pre-clinical murine models of cancerous lesions, NPS technology has been shown to induce immunogenic cell death (ICD), a process that leads to the exposure of the unique cancer cell antigens to the immune system, resulting in the generation of cytotoxic T-cells and the mounting of an adaptive immune response targeted against those cells, without any observed toxic side effects. Based on pre-clinical research, we believe NPS technology has the potential to offer a novel tumor treatment therapy, as a monotherapy and in combination with other therapies.

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