Nano-Pulse Stimulation™ Technology Videos


About Nano-Pulse Stimulation Technology

Scientific experts discuss NPS™ technology and its unique non-thermal, cell-specific mechanism of action.



Possible Near-Term Clinical Applications of NPS Technology

Scientific experts discuss the cell-specific effects of NPS technology in addressing common benign skin lesions such as sebaceous hyperplasia (SH) and seborrheic keratosis (SK).



Expanding Future Potential of NPS Technology

Scientific experts discuss the broad potential of NPS technology to target any cellular lesion of the skin, both benign and malignant tumors of the skin and other lesions for which there is no optimal solution.



Sebaceous hyperplasia (SH) is a benign condition that occurs when sebaceous glands become enlarged with sebum and push the skin upwards, creating a visible and shiny lesion or bump and oily skin, typically on the face. NPS technology is designed to non-thermally clear targeted cells while sparing adjacent non-cellular tissue.