About Pulse Biosciences

Breakthrough applications with a boundless future

Pulse Biosciences is a bioelectric medicine company pursuing commercial introduction of our proprietary CellFX™ System utilizing our patented Nano-Pulse Stimulation™ (NPS™) technology. The unique cell-specific effects of the NPS mechanism of action have the potential to significantly benefit patients across multiple medical applications, including dermatology, our first planned commercial application.

To date, we own or have a license to more than 95 issued patents worldwide. With this growing patent portfolio surrounding our innovative technology, Pulse Biosciences seeks to aggressively realize the potential of Nano-Pulse Stimulation technology, building a rich pipeline of transformative commercial applications.

From the launch of our first planned commercial offering, the CellFX System, to our current ongoing clinical studies, to the planned studies that fuel our rich pipeline, we see a clear path to the future as Pulse Biosciences brings the promise of NPS technology from the lab to lives of real patients today, and tomorrow.