About Pulse Biosciences

Proprietary technology meets high value clinical applications

Pulse Biosciences is a novel bioelectric medicine company committed to health innovation that has the potential to improve and extend the lives of patients. Our proprietary Nano-Pulse Stimulation (NPS™) technology delivers nano-second pulses of electrical energy to non-thermally clear cells while sparing adjacent non-cellular tissue. The CellFX® System is the first commercial product to harness the distinctive advantages of NPS technology to treat a variety of applications for which an optimal solution remains unfulfilled. The initial commercial use is to address a range of dermatologic conditions that share high demand among patients and practitioners for improved dermatologic outcomes. Designed as a multi-application platform, the CellFX System offers customer value with a utilization-based revenue model.

To date, we have 112 issued patents globally owned and licensed. With this growing patent portfolio surrounding our innovative technology, Pulse Biosciences seeks to aggressively realize the potential of Nano-Pulse Stimulation technology, building a rich pipeline of transformative commercial applications.